Across specializes in boutique apartments and villas and we also have interests in building hotels and resorts.Besides independent projects we take up joint ventures in our endeavour to forever explore new territories. well equipped to handle interior projects.

Across has helped its niche clientele which include illustrious businessmen and celebrities to acquire properties and commercial establishments in Chennai, Mumbai and Coimbatore. In a short span of time, Across has facilitated its clients procure commercial properties in excess of Rs.180 crores of which Rs.100 crores has been in Mumbai alone with an overall monthly rentals to the tune of Rs.1.75 crores..


At Across we help our customer’s right from identifying their style, conceptualizing plans and materializing their inspiration.


We have helped our niche clientele acquire commercial properties across the country.


All enterprising demands are accomplished in the various Spheres of the Construction Business.


The need for a one stop shop where customers don’t have to run from pillar to pillar and avoid the hassle to identify the best in the industry led to the birth of our interiors arm.

Our Lifeline

Why does an organization need a value system? We believe it predicts the path it treads. This has motivated our team and won hearts. We strongly call it the Lifeline of Across Group and the secret behind our success.It rather reflects why we area much preferred organization


We don’t compromise in Quality of Thought, Quality in Process, Quality in Implementation, and Quality in Delivery .We believe that there is no second thing to Quality


Doing the Right Thing even when no one is Watching – C S Lewis. Holding our ethical convictions of transparency in our actions, Uncompromising thought process, Putting Customer first is Across Culture

Respect for People

A happy customer is our business. Winning hearts has been a cakewalk for us as we provide value for money, value for time, continuously innovate and improve


We consider it our moral obligation to take sole responsibility for delivering our commitments

Delivering Promises

We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible project results